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Discover Internet beat time watchface

Internet Beat Time watchface runs on every Android wear device. You can customize the watchface background and foreground color using the Android application automatically installed on your Android device. You can also add an additional background layer that shows the current day light worldmap updated every 15 minutes.

Power saving mode when the smartwatch enters in ambient mode. When this occurs the watchface is updated every minute. If the save energy mode is not active on the Android app the watch is updated when the beat time changes as well

How does Internet beat time watch face look like?

Internet beat time on your wrist, always at your fingertips!

Imagine you are making an appointment on the internet with your foreign friend. You must first agree on a specific time. Maybe your friend lives on a different timezone and maybe where he's using daylight savings mode and you are not, so you must do the math. Internet beat time is designed to avoid this complexity, it is immutable throughout different time zone and daylight savings mode. Just agree on a Internet Beat Time hour with your friend and that's all. For more information visit the Internet beat time wikipedia webpage

How can I get Internet beat time watchface?

Internet Beat Time Watchface is available on the Google Playstore.

  • Another way to get it is compiled from sources on my GitHub repository using Android Studio. If you want the latest bleeding edge experimental release I usually develop in this experimental branch.

    To file a bug report or ask for a new feature, use the Issues page of the GitHub project.

    Can I contribute?

    Want a feature for Internet beat time watchface ? Contributions are welcome! Internet beat time watchface is mainly developed in Java + Android SDK. It is based on this tutorial from Andrei Catinean. Don't hesitate to submit your Pull Request!